One | the Portrait Poem

This session encapsulates my first and lasting love in this work: to witness the beauty of authenticity.

To this end we will be without any agenda, but to be and see.

We will work from the inside out not the other way around.

Though an intent of use might be in mind, if we work organically, the images created will live more authentically wherever they be.

So, foremost anyway, this is not a headshot, nor for branding or publicity. It is not relational, with another or family.

This session is principally of no purpose but of and for oneself.


The session is two hours, maybe more.

The location is anywhere we choose: my studio, your home, an alternate venue, an outdoor arena.

The cost is $650 to include your top image delivered as both master (retouched) file and art print.

From there you might choose my Collection which comprises all your images files and a handful of art prints.

Or instead, purchase a la carte prints and/or files.



Two | Corporate Team Portraits

Please inquire with your specifics so I can provide a respective quote.



Three | Family Sessions

Given that the individual portrait is my favorite for its potential of depth, my family sessions comprise images of each of you individually as well as all together and any small groupings you so desire.

Session are about two hours, sometimes more.

We will photograph at your home or an area park or any other location you wish.

The session fee is $750 to include your top image as master (retouched) file.

From there you might choose my Collection which comprises all your image as files and a handful of art prints.

Or instead prints and files may be purchased a la carte.



Questions | Scheduling

I am transparent with every cost at the tippy top.

All is clear and simple so as to be out of the way so we can focus upon our work itself.

Please inquire with any questions on anything or to set a date.

I hope I have the opportunity to work with you!


Portrait Photography | Seattle | Studio and Location