This is I and me (apparently both are correct), standing in for the Dalai Lama atop his roof in Dharamsala, over two decades ago.


I knew from the moment Phil (Borges), for whom I was printing at the time, mentioned his purpose and destination, that I had to go – beg or borrow, to make it happen.


In hindsight, this trip was a seeking for the fullness of my own heart – through the reflection of those I photographed. An experience confirming for me my path.


It seems everything is a circle. Today, as then, I singularly observe for this same ‘rightness’ in the eye of my client. The levity, the gravity, the presence – of what is. It is there, always there. High up in the Himalayas and right here, in you and in me. It takes circling a bit sometimes to ‘know’. To remember. The ocean, in each and every drop.



Portrait Photography | Seattle