Looking Back | The President and I

As my 50th looms around the very near corner, I’ve been doing the cliched mid-life reflection.

This little gem below came before me out of the archives and I thought I’d share some of my early escapades…




I had walked out of college in June 1987 with a BA in Economic Theory, landed a job as an investment banker’s assistant in Boston’s financial district, and left it in five months’ time.


Something called though I knew not what. I found that I was able to glimpse this self I was seeking as it was reflected back in my viewfinder.


Soon employed PT freelancing for adjunct photo projects at The York County Coast Star, a weekly newspaper on the Southern Coast of Maine, and kept afloat by regular hours at a seaside One Hour Photo shop, I was in high seek mode.


George Bush Senior was President, his summer home down the street and the First Gulf War about to commence. Just one staff photographer and ‘newbie me’ on board at the paper, I soon found myself following the President of the United States, his motorcade, and host of visiting leaders all over Kennebunkport. This was the girl with one photography class under her belt. Let’s just say the old photo adage, f8 and be there, delivered!


Remain steadfast in your practice and who you are and the obstacles will be transformed into blessings. – Sogyal

This beauty of a quotation, a favorite, resides on my office wall and has proved to keep me sane a time or ten.


Stay tuned – more to come…

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