the Portrait Poem | Seattle Studio

When I photographed my friend’s son over the years I always tried to fit in a few of her alone as we wrapped up our sessions. It has become easier now that we are not working with a youngster. We met in ’94, both of us having landed in the same apartment building, each having emigrated from Boston. Even the same age minus two weeks we came to find out. This is when rent was $465 – for a beautiful old world flair large studio. That if anything dates us and the city too. We’ve been a touchpoint, a buoy for one another as we’ve charted our respective courses – sharing tea, cats, birthdays, lots of walks and talks, tears and laughs through both the beauty and work of this world: the ‘callings’- a writer while juggling all things mother and law for her, the marriages, the divorces, the re-course (whatever that means!) now in our fifties. A good friend will keep you on the planet.


Portrait Photography | Seattle