Early Work | Washington, PNW

This image was sheer gift. I was photographing these boys about their yard. They were running around with roosters too I remember. Was a long time ago. Not recalling the year at the moment. Early mid Nineties I believe. There is no way I could have foreseen this or set it up if I tried. Over the years people have asked me to teach and occasionally I have, but it has never been an easy thing for me – to teach. Because nothing about it feels all that teachable. What I did here was show up with my knowledge of shutter speed and aperture. This was film, fully manual Nikon FM2. Likely the 35, f2. After much running around with them, this happened and I was there to click that shutter. Each their own expression. The diaper showing from his pants. The goddess in the center garden. A gift. It’s a classic. And I was totally out of the way for it to happen. That is the lesson. Getting out of the way for it all to land in your lap.


Portrait Photography | Seattle