this new decade ~ the fine art portrait!

This new year ~ new decade ~ the fine art portrait.
Textiles from around the world, objects from generations past, that felt sense of soul:  these Finds decorate my home and bring me joy.  With photography it is no different.  As an apprentice I practiced the zone system while studying with an 8×10 view camera master who printed platinum contact prints.  A decade in the darkroom myself, I love the beauty of a fine photographic print.  Though the standard prints I sell are properly contrast and color balanced and printed by one of the best commercial labs in the country (and are the bread and butter of my business), the fine art print truly brings your image to life.  It is la creme, rich deep tones of pigment ink on tactile Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper (100% rag, acid free and coated for maximum ink density).  Many of you have chosen these highest quality prints over the years and I know you cherish their luminescence.  Each image is proofed before the final print is made.  We then deliver it to our local framer to be encased in acid free rag mat, UV glass and a subtle but slightly iridescent iron finish wood frame.  These extra steps of top notch craft complete the fine art portrait.
Love Day is upon us.  A portrait for or of your Love, albeit your partner, kitty cat, child, whomever.  Maybe it is a year to validate your own self and a portrait of you is in store.  February is a great month for portraits too.  The light is moody.  Time is not rushed juggling holidays or vacation schedules.  Simply every day real life.  An opportune time to capture the moment in a lifetime image.

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