Seattle Studio

Presence. Every expression delivers in so far as it is authentic.

A few images for her professional business use.


Seattle WA

We created a series of professional images for her business uses and then included her pup for some personal love images.


Snoqualmie WA

The Professional Portrait.

Kim is an intuitive counselor working both locally and worldwide from her office in Snoqualmie, WA. Not far from Seattle, I took a trot out there and we photographed in a lovely courtyard that abuts her client meeting space.

We created a few updated ‘business’ portraits, one of which I have posted and then some ‘just for fun’ ones too.

You can find her at Kim Illig.


Bethesda Maryland

We were 14ish, she and I and many of our cohorts hanging out at her backyard pool (we would be lounging while she was cleaning it) or sporting that year’s color tee shirt for softball or working through our ‘high’ math (she clearly has taken it a teensy bit higher) homework together.

Now 40 years later, at 54 she has just started a new position as CEO across the world in Australia. And too, she is producing a documentary film.

We each have our own call; “playing big” is different for every single soul. I heard the phrase “compare and despair” recently which is so well put and it is not a way to go. But this is what this woman’s Playing Big is currently looking like with an impressive set of qualifications that got her there. Economist Extraordinaire!! I have always been so amazed by her and continue to be. She is grounded in a wide and deep heart and quick smart.