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Oh wow!! And wow again and again. That is amazing! I just love that photo, as have all the folks I’ve shown it to. ‘That’s you, Nance!’ they say. Thank you so very very much Mary Grace!!

–Nancy Haver, Nancy Haver Counseling, Seattle


We are all very happy with the photos….I’ve already heard comments from individuals with our company saying they would certainly hire you for other personal events in their lives! Thank you for taking such care to get everything right the first time!

–Larry Bredehoeft, Exec VP R&D, Stratagard Risk Analytics – Seattle


Omg OMG is right! YOU are amazing and one of a kind…you have Nat and I in a puddle of tears over here! These photos. Those babies. Your eye is incomparable, Mary Grace. These are the best photos we’ve ever had. My heart can hardly take it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our family…these photos are a treasure to us. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

–Libby Hopper


The photos are beautiful. Thank you …your work is amazing!

–Tuquynh Tran, Seattle


I am so pleased with my photos! You have that essence that makes one want you to

see the light in their eyes; their soul.

–Lynda Nelson, Camano Island, WA


Thank you…they look awesome!!!

–Robin Avni, Senior Director Strategy+Communications, Allovus – Bellevue, WA


 Mary Grace – what an absolutely gorgeous photo. You’re a true artist!

–Charlotte Cook, CC Strategies, CA


You made me feel great throughout our session…you have an engaging personality, a fabulous eye, do gorgeous work, and are so much fun to talk to.

–Dr. Pepper Schwartz, – Seattle


Wow! Those are some great pictures!!! You did a fantastic job. THANK YOU!

–Sarah Gregory, Partner – Kaliedoscope Landscapting – Seattle


Unbelievable! I like them all. You rock!

–Elaine Ethier, Seattle


Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the amazing photos you took of our team. They turned out so well – we are all delighted! You are absolutely terrific – I look forward to working together again!

–Steve Godfrey, Creative Partner, Allovus Creative Partnerships, Bellevue, WA


Got it and I LOVE them! Thanks so much Mary Grace. I’m excited to update my marketing with them. You made it all very easy. I really appreciate. Thank you!

–Ron Pederson, Seattle


You have been exceptional to work with, and I greatly appreciate the special attention not to mention the amazingly quick turnaround!

–Leo Muller, Executive Director, Choices Education Group – Seattle


What is perfect about my life are the three beautiful portraits of my daughter looking down on me as I write this. Thank you Mary Grace for you gift with a camera, but mostly for  your wide and lovely heart.

–Penny Hobson, Seattle


Fifteen years ago, Mary Grace did an outdoor photo shoot of my five year old son and me. To this day, it is  my most cherished possession. If my house ever burned down (God forbid), my collage of those treasured moments would be under my arm. Thank you, Mary Grace, for capturing those priceless moments.

–Deloa Parrish, Duvall, WA


I absolutely love your work and the life that you capture in people is exactly what I am looking for.

–Allison Takeuchi


 First, let me just say…Wow! What a good job you did.

–Anne Katherine, Whidbey Island, WA


You really are a perfectionist! I Love that. It’s a beautiful thing.

–Shannon Conway


I am overcome with joy and emotion. Your capture of our lives and beautiful wedding are incredible.

–Julia Sheriden


I just wanted to thank you…I came to your website and started viewing the photos. I was stunned…every person…no matter their age, appearance, or facial expression was absolutely perfect…beautiful. Your work took me to the place where I could see the beauty and magnificence of the human soul once again. A priceless gift.  With much gratitude…



I have to tell you the pictures you took of Jim’s wedding are so incredible. To watch your slideshow was amazing; it really gave me the story and helped me see how much they love each other. You are such an amazing photographer and can really show through pictures the real person. I am looking forward to our next photo shoot, not sure if I can wait two years until Sara is 16 or not…we will see:)

–Sherry Williams


THANK YOU, Mary Grace!! I LOVE THEM!! Can’t wait to share these with Christina! It’ll totally make her day, as it has mine.

–Angela Hyland, Seattle


Your work is absolutely stunning!

–Lynnsey Phillips


Wonderful – really great shots and well worth every penny to remember the evening. I’m sure everyone will want at least a few of these shots for themselves!

–Kristina Udall, Seattle


Good Evening Mary Grace,

We hung the photo over the fireplace a couple weeks ago. Every time I see it from across the room I am astounded at the clarity of the image. I wanted to tell you that I am so glad you touted the virtues of the gallery printing versus regular printing on photo paper. When I picked it up form you I didn’t really see any difference between the gallery print and the smaller, regular prints. But now that they are all framed and hung, I totally do. And while I am passing along compliments, over the past three weeks bunches of my co-workers have come into my office to admire the new photos of the girls. Everyone loves them. In particular, people like how you managed to capture their respective personalities. Oh, and my mother absolutely adores the album. In sum, what I am really saying is, ‘Thank you for your excellent work!!’ I want you to know how much we appreciate it.

–Bree Urban, Seattle


Wow! You are an AMAZING ARTIST!!! We absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos.

–Bridget Perry, Seattle


I love your work and that is coming from someone whose background is that of an art director – in business for 35 years. I know from the little bit of interaction with you as you take portraits that you are such a genuine person. It totally explains why your work has the impact it does. I am so impressed with your work and the work you did for us.

–Rick Stanton, Stanton and Everybody – Seattle


I went through every single photographer’s website from Everett to Tacoma to find the exact look I wanted for my business website. As soon as I hit on Mary’s I knew she was exactly who I wanted. Her style is artistic but recognizable. Functional and emotional all at the same time. The shoot was extremely comfortable… and I have to say, I’ve never looked so good. I’m notoriously bad at taking photos, but she was amazing and knew exactly how to get me to pose properly. Extremely impressive on all counts.

–Matthew Johnson, Attorney, Johnson Legal Group – Seattle


Your work is beautiful. You are the only person I found online whose work really moved me. One of the things that impressed me about your work is the way each of your portraits says so much about its subject(s).

–Julie Mihalisin, Seattle


I love your work. A friend of mine called me and said, “I just found a photographer who you are just going to love!” Your work is exceptional! It is emotive! It is pure Love! I love it! You connect with your clients, which I know is a term that is used loosely in photographer’s biographies all the time, but you are what they are trying to describe. I am just amazed and I am so honored to have seen your work.

–Erin Drallos, Photographer, Missouri


First, let me just say that I love your work. I’ve been sitting here looking through portfolios today, and your work completely stands out. Just stunning.

–Ryan Ragona, Seattle


Thank you so very much! This is the only photograph of me that reflects how I feel. You really captured it.

–Robert Massa, Seattle


I thoroughly enjoy your work. Your sensitivity in capturing the soul of the people is especially apparent, not to mention your style. You WILL be remembered as one of the greats!

–Clarence W. Walker, Georgia


Mary Grace surpassed my expectations with the beautiful shots she delivered for my parent’s joint 80th birthday and family photo session. Having worked wih hundreds of fashion and beauty photographers over the last 35 years in advertising, I had very little hope that I would find anyone that would be able to delight me. Not only were the shots warm and lovely, but the shoot itself was easy going and fun. Mary Grace was able to get the absolute best out of each and everyone of us. And, we all look like we were really enjoying ourselves!

–Beverly Okada, Creative Director, Saatchi and Saatchi – NYC


I just received my order. The presentation and photographs are so so lovely! I am completely happy with the. Thank you.

Kellie Mayo, Issaquah, WA


Holy crap! They look great! You make it HARD to choose ONE, Mary.
Thanks for the great shots!
–Jamie Friddle, Seattle


 Thank you for taking such beautiful photographs of the kids over the past 16 years.

–Pam Goddard, Seattle


Mary Grace is precisely the type of artist we have in mind when marketing our services to photographers. Mary Grace’s portraits are top of the line.

–Brad, Staff Writer, PhotoReviewHQ


First of all it was such a great photo shoot thanks to you – and we all were talking about how great you were after you left. We cannot wait to see the shots.

–Jill Bucy, Seattle


I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!!!!!! OMG! I am so happy with how they tuned out! You are so gifted at capturing the essence. I have had my photos taken sooooo many times and never has anyone done such an amazing job. Thanks so much and YES I will try to narrow it down BUT I love them all so its going to be tough. I am so excited to incorporate them into my website I can hardly wait.

–Jennifer Day, Los Angeles, CA


The photos of Ellie and Perry are nothing short of amazing. How do you do that? I’m thinking of a creative way that I could frame a grouping of them. I think you should enter a contest.

–Carolyn Machetanz, Seattle, WA


Absolutely beautiful, Mary Grace.  For all the running around Lane did, you managed to capture his essence. We’ll get busy sorting through all the fabulous options. We have been wowed by both your talent and turnaround time. You’re looking at some highly satisfied, guaranteed return customers. Thanks so much!

–Crys Cupp, Bainbridge Island, WA


The gallery exceeds any expectation I could have had. It’s beautiful, and I thank you ever so much. What absolutely amazing photos. Truly, an embarrassment of riches!

–Charlotte Cook, CCStrategies, Santa Monica, CA


Wow, Mary Grace, she is so beautiful. I want to compliment you on all the photos. You really captured her emotions and her essence. I can’t thank you enough.

–Michelle Selberg, Seattle, WA


These fine pictures are so beautiful.  I will probably choose one of those pictures with the dress leaning against the stool for a distance shot.  The close-ups are so beautiful.  There are so many to choose. You are really remarkable. Thank you, profoundly.

–Ann Goett, Seattle, WA


We LOVE it!! Thank you so much, you’ve captured the girls beautifully. Sanjiv is in Japan, should be back this weekend, so we will sit down and order then.

–Divya Soman, Seattle, WA


We were thinking next time we should go with a less talented photographer so that the decisions are easier…just kidding!  We love your work, your easy going personality and the photos you captured for us. Thank you, thank you!

–Amy Newmeyer, Issaquah, WA


Your photos are phenomenal!  I remember that the room was fairly dark, but your images are well-illuminated – and not just in the foreground, but even in the background.  You must do a lot of adjusting to make them look so good?

–Jeff Evans, Olympia, WA



That’s gorgeous.



I’m almost crying.

         …..from joy.

–Susan Kingston, Seattle, WA


Oh My Goodness!!!  How will we ever be able to choose.  Your work is spectacular.  The images bring tears to my eyes!! They truly are great!!! Thank you so very much!!!   You are a truly special person as well as photographer.  I am going to spread the word and recommend you to everyone I know. 

–Natali Hughes, Seattle, WA


I just saw the gallery.  These are wonderful.  It’s nice to have some beautiful pictures of the kids and Donna too!  The house photos are stunning too, I’m looking forward to putting these together in a card.

–Matt Bellew, Seattle, WA


Mary Grace – The prints are beautiful – I am so grateful to have them.  And they reside on my living room wall just like they should have always been there.  I can’t thank you enough!

-Lori Martin, Seattle WA


Wow they are amazing. It is going to be hard to pick!

–Deborah Levinger, Seattle WA


Ahhhhh… Damn that is beautiful! If we can get a few tomorrow… Great! If not, we will have to wait:) Thank you and I can’t wait to build them in!

–Aaron Straight, Senior Creative Director, TriFilm, Seattle, WA


Thank you Mary Grace!  These are beautiful!  I’m so happy!  Thanks for making us feel so beautiful!

–Cara Alexander, Seattle, WA


Yes they arrived and are great! I really like them and can’t wait for the girls to see them ! Thanks again maybe we will do this again in a few years, certainly will refer you on to my friends.

–Becky Church, Seattle, WA


I got home on Sunday and had my proof party last night. It was an astounding event of love! Lots of oohs and aahs from an adoring fan club. I think the most common reaction was , “Wow-she really captured you exactly as WE see you!” High praise all around for your work!! But most importantly, I am really surprised by how profoundly changed I am from this process. I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew it would be tough and I would have to lovingly shoe-horn some deeply-held beliefs.  But I didn’t know how successful this experiment would be.  But I have to say that I am a deeply transformed woman.  Somehow through the alchemy of my spiritual work, your tender guidance and artistry and the pure love of friends I walked through a wall.   And in this new room of self-acceptance and confidence, I can barely recognize my former self-image. It will sweep by me from time to time, like seeing someone on the street who looks familiar but isn’t.  I can remember the evening I told a small group of friends about my plans to do this.  I cried and felt my stomach in knots.  I did the same thing the morning of our shoot.  Now, I look back and can’t really imagine that was me.  I am really proud of myself!  Thank you, from the deepest, most humbled part of my heart, for being my companion on this journey.  We did it!!  So, now onto business!  Today I will begin the selection process.  I really love so many, that this will be harder than I thought!  Yes, we did get more than two!  Stay tuned for the location of my billboard!

–SL, Seattle, WA


The pictures are absolutely beautiful.  We are going to have a tough time deciding which ones to choose!  If you don’t here from us before you leave, there will be a long list when you get back!   Thank you!!!

–Tenley and Shawn Evans, Mercer Island, WA



–Nalini Shenefelt


Mary Grace is a wonderfully talented photographer and so much fun to be with before, during and after the shoot. Her follow-up is extremely detailed and so easy to work with compared to any other photographer. She is so engaging for all of our family… from the grandparents, the couple on to all the extended family and down to the little kids. Marge Grace has the eye of a great photographer…. move over Annie Leibowitz! If you want to have the best portrait or people photography she is the only one to choose in the greater Seattle area.

–Tony Scoringe


Thanks again for committing so much time on Friday, Mary Grace.  It was so great to meet you & get some insight into how you do your remarkable work.  Tonight I went back and again looked through your portraits of others — and sort of marveled & laughed (in the best possible ways) about your direction to me, your concentration, etc. Really grateful,

–ScottW, Kirkland, WA


Hi ~ WOW! You are a master of capturing essence. Beautiful. The photos arrived this morning and are fabulous. Thank you so much for everything! You have captured a memorable time in our life and a made a huge contribution to our Christmas this year. Joy!

–Nicole Mertes, Bellevue, WA


I hope you are doing well. With HUUUGE “ohhhs and aaahhhhss” I took a look at your gallery. Your work is beautiful, wonderful beyond anything that a “regular” eye sees.. you truly can SEE and sense what is normally not visible to the eyes.. I really LOVE the quality of your pictures!! Beautiful! Honestly & truly my respect and love goes to you!! Wow..  I received them 4 am in the morning or so.. and I just could not stop clicking through until I reached the end of the pics, “BEAUTIFULLY REAL” … ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  Funny how we ended-up catching-up only towards the end of the week ,  just shortly talking to you I thought, wow she does see/feel beyond… and NOW seeing your pictures: they reflect your beautiful talent and gift! 

–Sultan Deniz, Germany


I’ve been in Italy for 4 months, and had the great fun of reviewing all the photos while there — sooooooooooo many amazing shots!  I don’t know how Bree was able to make a selection!

–Kristen Urban, Pennsylvania


The photos arrived before Christmas and are absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for throwing in the photo of Toto and Zipper.  I’m looking forward to getting them framed and on our walls.  The quality was really great and very special for us to have the photographs taken at our house.  Thank you again for all of the time that you took with us.  Eleanor especially enjoyed her “model” moments.

–Caroline and Thor Thompson, Seattle, WA


Just ordered my prints….Wanted to let you know that all the prints were all so beautiful and so REAL indeed! Truly breathtaking! 

–Pam Zamel, Philadelphia, PA


I cannot express the beauty that you have captured.  Every time that I go to your web-site to take in this beauty, I can never make it all the way through!  I need hours to gaze at your photography!  I’d love for my home to be filled with your photos.  I can feel the warmth through them and will use them during our rainy winters to warm myself and my spirit.  

–Jessica Ryan, Olympia, WA


WOW!!! I teared up looking at the photos – they are amazing and so beautiful. Several images really picture Zoë and our family in an unbelievable way. You are amazing, honestly!!

–Tanya Faude-Koivisto, NYC


 I especially love the humanity and authenticity that Mary Grace captures in her photos.  Such honest, beautiful work.

–Lisa Dahlby, Account Supervisor, Stanton & Everybody Creative Agency, Seattle, WA


You’re the best. I’ve NEVER just sent a photographer to a client shoot without someone from the agency there too. How’s that for trust …

–Rick Stanton, Principal, Stanton & Everybody Creative Agency, Seattle, WA


Thank you for the wonderful photos Mary Grace!  We really appreciate you taking the time to do these so quickly. You have such an exceptional eye!

~Brooke Barnes, Seattle, WA


I am so happy. You are very good, girl! (I especially loved how you captured each person so well. Some of K&D are breathtaking.) What a good afternoon I’ve had looking through these shots!

–Heather Lovell, Lake Sammamish, WA


 Wow!!! You’ve done it again! Just fantastic photos and I don’t know how we are ever going to choose. They are beautiful. Thank you so much for being so wonderful.

–Charlene Dunlap, Florida


Oh my gosh – they are beautiful!!!  I LOVE them!!!

–Sherry Williams, Lake Sammamish, WA


Lisa – we just wanted to thank you for sending Mary Grace – she was so fun and delightful. What a treat.

–Claudia Cockerham, Peoples Bank – Wenatchee, WA


Lisa: I just want to let you know what a wonderful person Mary Grace is.  She has the ability to put you at ease and make you think that she is your best friend within minutes.  Mary Grace was able to take a less than enthusiastic person and make it an almost pleasant experience.  I know I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know but please pass along my thanks to her for her for making my day much better yesterday.

–Diane Cornwall, VP, Peoples Bank – Wenatchee, WA


My suggestion is to hook you up with a shooter I really like for this kind of stuff.  Her name is Mary Grace Long and I have attached her website. She shot our staff and I can tell you she puts everyone at ease including old stone face, me, and gets really warm, honest images. I would have you talk to her directly to get costs and how she might go about getting what we need. Your place, her studio, whatever works. There are a lot of people who will tell you they can do this for you. But we only get one chance to make that first impression and I trust Mary Grace to do the job right. The other thing I like about her approach is that business portraiture can tend to make people look like wooden Indians. She makes people look human.

–Rick Stanton, Principal, Stanton & Everybody, Seattle, WA


It was a pleasure to meet you, and you made the whole process fun and easy.  I don’t think I would have had such nice pictures taken of me if it hadn’t been you.  Thank you.

–Chris O’Dowd, Seattle, WA


Thank you so much for sending the preview picture, it looks fabulous (and natural)!!  We had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot and we all LOVED you….my sisters wanted me to let you know that you are welcome into the family at any time!  If you go to Austin, please let me know…..Megan would love to host you! We look forward to seeing all the pictures…..thank you so much for your patience with us!

Carolyn Russell, Seattle, WA


I loved meeting you as well! Not only are you talented, you stand out as a human being. And, pretty damn funny to boot!

–Diane Stoffer, Vashon Island, WA


I had to let you know that the prints just arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL!  I am so excited!!  Thank you soooo much for the extras – love them!  The matted photo is gorgeous and will work perfectly – off to the framer! As always with your work, I am never anything but delighted and in awe. You are just the BEST! Thank you! Thank you!

–Char Dunlap, Florida


Oh my…..we are so, so happy with the pictures that you captured in our session on August 7th in Seattle.  I spent hours and hours just going through them, and can’t seem to get my “favorites” down lower than 32!   We were all so excited when they were posted. We loved being with you.  Jeff really had done a lot of research on several photographers’ websites, and was quite sure that you were the best of the batch!!  It was a fun way to end our five days together as a group…..the siblings hadn’t been together as a whole in almost a year.  We will cherish that getaway to Seattle for years to come, and the photos will be a daily reminder of time spent together.

–Pam Brandsted, Pennsylvania


Thank you again for the beautiful photos – I couldn’t be happier, and my agent looooves them.  

–Tara Conklin, Seattle, WA


Just wanted you to know Sarah is thrilled. I may take a week to sort through and find the perfect one but I know she can’t go wrong with so many to choose from. Have fun on your trip

–Laura Fergusson, Bainbridge Island, WA


Thank you again for everything. You and your artistic presence were perfect in every way and everyone greatly enjoyed your being there. Till the next adventure!

–Melissa Yeager, Yarrow Point, WA


Thank you for your patience, and I am really happy that I’ve met you, and what an honor it was to work with you. I shall be checking your blog religiously for endless inspiration! You are truly an amazing person, and your work is a gift to this world in need.

–Juliana Goth, Vashon Island, WA


OMG!!  There are so many fantastic shots!  I love them.  You are incredible.  Thank you so much.

–Judy Long,  Aurora, Oregon


Once again…how do you do it. Except now I know…I watched. It’s like magic how you even “caught” Henry, despite his reluctance to be still. Thank you for the gift of these pictures and the gift of yourself…

–Jim Long, Aurora, Oregon


The human race is so beautifully served by your portraiture – exquisite Mary Grace!

–Maggie Conley, Connecticut


Well, so far, I like 72 of them. But I will somehow narrow it down soon. I am very pleased….

You are wonderful to work with.  I’ll be back and will happily and confidently refer you to my friends and colleagues.

–Jackie Syvertsen, Bainbridge Island, WA


Caroline – I would like to introduce you to Mary Grace.  She is a world class photography who does amazing pictures ( ).  We have used her for the past 7 years and will not go with anyone else.  She will be in the NYC area in mid-September, so there may be an oppty to connect locally.  I also mentioned about spending some training time with your husband.  She has a few thoughts in this area.   I will leave it to you guys to connect offline.-

—Chris Frank, Rumson, New Jersey


Thank you so much for sending the link. I must say that your photography is quite incredible. As a graphic artist there is nothing better than to have high quality shots to work with, and you more than over deliver.

–Eddy Cockerell, Cockerell Design and Marketing, Santa Monica, CA


In a word, outstanding! I think the photos are great, and add a critical element to both my online presence and credibility. The price point is fine and please add $100 as a tip.  Am very happy with your work. I appreciate your professionalism, patience and photography! Let’s consider it the start of a long term business relationship with many happy returns.

–Edward Lombardo, Seattle


Wow!!! The print looks phenomenal and I love the frame. Thank you. We are thrilled!!

–Tanya and Eric Koivisto, Seattle


I just took a look at the pictures – I love them.! You did amazing work. Thanks so much.

–Marwa Shoeb, Seattle


Hi Mary Grace,

I want to deeply thank you for the wonderful photos that you “graced” our family with.  I love the way that you see things and how you captured the retreat, it’s people, the band and especially my family. Thinking of you and your wonderful spirit and smile as I look thru the captivating photos that you captured. Thanks for crystalizing the retreat with these photos so that all can continue to remember the magic that was created there. It was sincerely a pleasure to meet you and connect with you!!!!

–Robin Kannan, Santa Cruz, CA


We’re delighted with the images you captured.  I’m in awe of your talent. Thank you for such gorgeous images.

–Julie Florida, Stanwood, WA


I just want to chime in too. I think the pictures are amazing…you captured a lot of the kids’ personalities and the quality is wonderful.  On the ones of Eli, for example, there are so many good ones that it’s very difficult to pick just one or two. We’re really pleased!

–Bard Richmond, Seattle


WOW – they are really beautiful! THANK YOU! You are amazing, seriously.

–Carol Schreitmueller, Seattle


Love the photographs Mary Grace! Your work is absolutely beautiful!

–Jennifer Verador, Seattle


I love them. Truly great. Thanks so much! You are very fun to work with.

–Elizabeth Tenpenny, Seattle


I had to login and email you right away to tell you how incredibly awesome the books are. Brian’s word was “fabulous”. I cannot be confined to a single word. The print quality is excellent. The cover is both beautiful and durable. And most of all, the layout design is, frankly, fantastic. Everything from the cropping, to the spacing on the pages, to the way you paired up similar images of the different girls and placed them sequentially in the book, to your choices of bw versus color – we completely and totally love absolutely everything about it. Brian and I are both perfectionists who notice teensy little details without even trying, so we are usually in the position of having to try and appreciate the good things about a product and ignore the flaws. So we are both surprised and delighted to have received this amazing famly heirloom that appears to have no flaws for us to ignore! Really and truly, you exceeded my expectations with this album, and my expectations were not low. Thank you so very, very much for your outstanding work! We really will treasure this forever.

–Bree Urban, Seattle


You are AMAZING! Those photos are gorgeous – wow! Thank you so much!

–Jean Galton, Seattle


Yes, I echo your sentiments, Jean. Mary Grace is an artist and a soul-sister!

–Debra Prinzing, Seattle


Wow!  You are SO talented!!!  These pictures are absolutely outstanding!  I am so amazed that you were able to capture such real, uninhibited photos that embody the spirit and essence of our family.  You’ve really outdone yourself!  Thank you so much! 

–Bridget Perry, Seattle WA


I felt like we had known each other for ages when we met today. You are such a delightful woman and now I know why you are such an extraordinary photographer and why you are able to capture the true spirit of the people you photograph. You have such a wonderful gift. You are an incredible artist, Mary Grace.

–Carlene Cross, Seattle


I LOVE them! You’re so good! You could make an umpa lumpa look stunning! Thanks so much. Already got compliments (From “Wow!” to the slightly disturbing “Is that really you?”). You’re a great photographer. Someone said the photo where I look out of the window reminded him of the old Dutch paintings like Rembrandt and such with the way the light is placed. There you go! Doesn’t get classier than that!!

–Ulrike Rylance, Author, Seattle


I heard about you through my cousin. Her website portrait is beautiful and stands out from all the other photos I’ve seen.

–Amy Purdy, Philadelphia


I’ve been looking through the photographs this morning and am really struggling. How to choose? The pictures are brilliant. I have a very long list on a scratch pad. I started circling the stand-outs, and then starring the circle on the images that stood out even further, and have had to go to the exclamation point after the star for the best of the best. You’ve caught some really nice moments. Hazel looks lovely and spirited. I keep recognizing classic expressions of hers in these photos. I’m so glad to have them.

–Mike Abrahamson, Seattle


Thanks Mary Grace. I wanted to tell you that my husband loved the shots. He works in the 3D graphics/rendering software world and looks at pictures/images all day long – he doesn’t make comments like that very often.

–Nancy Ordway, Seattle


Thank you so much for all your caring and hard work. You gave Zoe and Patty a very special day that they will remember forever. I want you to know that I did see how much it means to you to work hard and listen and be there for your clients. It made me very happy that we selected you as our photographer. We are thrilled with the quality of the photographs. I love how you were able to capture so many different expressions and attitudes. The photos show how a personality can shine with many facets (just like a gem). They capture Zoe’s essence beautifully. You know, of course, what this says about your own heart, Mary Grace. It is amazing!

–Cassandra Carter, Seattle


I think she did a fantastic job and she has many shots that I feel capture me. Great choice whoever chose her.

–Lake Washington Vascular


Oh Honey….you rocked it! I can’t tell you how much this means to me to see these loving pictures of my mug. Thank you so very very much Mary Grace. As you might imagine I’m probably going to cry….

–Lorene Edwards Forkner, Author, Seattle


I just took a quick look at the pictures — I love them! You did amazing work.

–Marwa Shoeb, Seattle


You took wonderful pictures! Seriously, thank you. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

–Lana and Jeff Gionfriddo, Ohio


I now have four of your photos up in our home and WOW! The kids and the photos look beautiful and it is a dream come true for me. Thank you!

–Jennifer Rothmeyer, Seattle


Today I spent a lot of time selecting images to go on our new website and am using some of yours that were shot in 2009 for the annual report. Your images are so gorgeous and they look stunning on the homepage of the new site.

–Mary Beth Walker, Marketing and PR Specialist, Overlake Hospital, Bellevue WA


Mary Grace brings out the spirit and natural beauty in people…she makes regular people look great. Her manner is relaxed, the shoot was fun, and she managed to take beautiful photos of someone (me) who has not traditionally been very photogenic. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and will refer her for sure; but her work really speaks for itself!

–Laurie Rosenfeld, Seattle, WA


I’m sending your website to my daughter who is getting married in September. I’m also sending your website to everyone I know. The most beautiful photos of people I think I’ve ever seen. You give Annie Lebowitz a run for her money. The relationship photos brought tears to my eyes. All the types of tender human relationships photographed with such KNOWING…. My DEAR, Miss Mary Grace, you are so gifted.

–Karen Hannegan, WA


Hey, Mary Grace! We are super happy with the prints. They are up on the wall right now. Our photos are great and played a major role in our Christmas gifts. They were very well received. We love them!

–Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, Seattle


Wow, Mary Grace, way to exceed my expectations! The preview is a huge hit. I love it, Eleanor loves it, and I can’t wait to see the rest. I really enjoyed the sitting and I’m looking forward to coming back with my family for a family portrait. I will absolutely recommend you to others with great delight.

–Ben Trelease, Seattle


Well, I knew it was a mistake for me to do this. They are just stunning. I want one of every one. Should I just give you the keys to my house? I think I have enough equity to cover the bill. I also haven’t gotten any work done since I received the gallery as I’ve been admiring all the images. So I’ll wind up both homeless and unemployed, but with a lot of beautiful photographs. Thank you very much.

–Patrick Moody, Bellevue


Thank you so much for working with me yesterday on my promotional/business photographs. I think you are amazingly gifted and will recommend and suggest you to anyone. You made it easy for me to sit for you. I don’t know how you do it, seems like magic but the result is that you capture the spirit and soul of the person you’re photographng. You are truly a Goddess.

–Penny Bowman, Bainbridge, WA


I cannot tell you how much I love the photos…they are truly beautiful and you do amazing work. Thank you again…the gallery made me cry!

Alethia Mead, Seattle


THANK YOU again for your incredible work and all of your help throughout the process. The images are absolutely breathtaking. My mother-in-law came over last night and saw the pictures of the kids on our wall and she started tearing up and said they took her breath away.

–Eungi Fuller, Seattle


I watched the video of you on You Tube, photographing a family – that was great! You are my new favorite photographer, and I hope we’ll have lots of opportunities to work together in the future (more graduations, family reunions, someday engagement announcements, and then maybe grand babies!)

–Ginna Wall, Seattle WA


Many thanks for your superlative artistry! I spent many days mining the internet, paging through the work of area photographers, looking for that something special. When I found your website and looked at your work, I knew I had found the artist I was seeking. The photos on your website were so real and so intimate that I had an almost uncomfortable sense that I was intruding when I looked at them, yet I was irristably drawn to them. It is truly a gift to make a photograph which tells a story in a single image, and you are truly gifted. Sara’s photos are as beautiful and real as I knew they would be. Your philosophy states that you aspire to produce a photograph which sings…these photos don’t just sing, they sing an aria!

–Charlene K. Dunlap, Issaquah


It was an absolute pleasure to work with you! I can honeslty say that I have never been so happy with photographs of myself until I received yours. You have amazing talent and such a warm personality. I will be passing along to all of my friends and family, my highest recommendation of your work! Thank you for beautiful photographs!

–Janna Quedado, Seattle


Your work speaks for itself….The images you provided us are priceless and will bring back wonderful memories far far into the future. We have received numerous positive comments about you and your work.

–Kyle and Paul, Seattle


Thank you so much for being our exquisite photographer!

–Emily and Gokul, Seattle


These are wonderful! We love how you captured both the spirit and beauty of the ceremony and Kyra’s many expressions. The photos of the actual baptizing are priceless! Thanks again…not only are you immensely talented but you were a great pleasure to work with!

–Anne Mitsakos, Seattle


You make growing old look beautiful -the wisdom, the struggle, the joy, shines through the faces. Thank you.

–Jim Long, Oregon


I wanted to thank you so much for your gracious presence at Ena and Ted’s wedding! Many people said to me how much they enjoyed meeting you and appreciated your way of being unobtrusive but pleasant and upbeat. After seeing your beautiful website, I can see that your photographs are truly extraordinary. I can’t wait to see the photos of Ted and Ena’s wedding.

–Abbie Crane, mother of the groom, Seattle


I get many, many compliments on the photos you took of me – people always say you captured my personality.

–Catherine Crosslin, Chief Operating Officer, Gordan Graham and Co., Bellevue WA


I just wanted to tell you that I have gotten so many compliments on the picture on my business card! Thanks for helping me to come across professionally and with enthusiasm in my pictures. I loved working with you and I refer all my friends to you.

–Katie Steen, Real Estate Specialist, Seattle


You are a brilliant photographer!           

–Marjorie Bedford-King, Seattle


Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. The boys’ framed pictures are works of art on our walls!

–Chris Warfield, Seattle


Thank you for taking such amazing pictures! They are way above my expectations. I also appreciated the extra time you took showing the proofs and editing. You made my boring business picture come to life!

–Stacy Willoughby, Seattle