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Witnessing our depth of being, this is my call to the portrait.

I shoot for images that resonate True.


My start as a photojournalist was a stab at communicating what it feels to be human.

Subsequent years apprenticing fine art photographers fed a reverence for rich, tactile beauty.

My vision is the marriage of the two – essence buoyed by craft.


Offerings are no frills, rich and few.

Both soulful and tangible.

Not merely decor, but connection.


This is why I photograph. This is what I offer.


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© Jim Meyers 2016


Career Points of Interest

2018 marks Mary Grace’s 30th year as a professional photographer of people. Her humanistic style is unassuming by definition and her motivation: rich, soul-filled images. The Maine Press Association awarded Mary Grace Picture Story of the Year’s Second Place for her images of then-President George Bush Sr.  A few years later she was in the company of a different leader, assisting a portrait of the Dalai Lama atop his roof in Dharamsala, India.  For years she apprenticed with fine art photographers Carl Hyatt, Mel Curtis and Phil Borges.  She was honored to photograph members of the Salishan Tribes for Patrick Twohy’s poetic book Beginnings. She is a recipient of the Seattle Artist Trust GAP grant and is represented by Asia Images Group in Singapore, and Getty Images in the US.