I photograph for images that resonate True. 


2020 marks my 32nd year as a professional photographer of people. I photograph from a humanistic sensibility, inspired to capture rich soul-filled images. No matter whom I have the privilege to witness, age, color, gender, sexual orientation, whatever, I am interested in a deeper light that knows no label.



Career Points of Interest

Many moons ago, I was awarded Picture Story of the Year’s Second Place by the Maine Press Association. This was for images of then-President George Bush Sr. A few years later the angels of the universe dropped me into the company of a different leader, assisting a portrait of the Dalai Lama atop his roof in Dharamsala, India. For many years I was graciously shown the way to make this work a living, apprenticing with fine art photographers Carl Hyatt, Mel Curtis and Phil Borges. And again, granted great fortune with Jesuit Father Patrick Twohy’s invitation to photograph members of the Salishan Tribes for his poetic book “Beginnings“. I was the recipient of the Seattle Artist Trust GAP grant which afforded creating a show of my India images. Some of that work is represented by Asia Image Group. My humanistic bent proved to be a good match for healthcare, which became my bread and butter throughout the Nineties. And the past two decades I have been fully engaged with my Seattle portrait clientele, commercial and personal.