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the Portrait Poem | author portrait

New York Times bestselling author of The House Girl, Tara Conklin debuts her new novel The Last Romantics in February of 2019.

We met up for her author portraits. Intelligent beautiful and a master juggler of all things life she is. Flowers and pets present during any photo session almost always receive their own portrait.





Mary Grace Long - Thank you so much Suzanne. I’m honored to receive that given your own artful eye and use of light! She is using the first one I believe. We did her portrait for her first book in studio so it was fun to complement that with this session at her home.

Suzanne DeCuir - My question is which one is she going to choose? I have not read her but I just went online to read about her and will now seek out the last one. Your author photos are definitely better than the other ones on the internet…just wonderful with your use of light and the more natural poses. Brava.

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